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For every contest entry, our sponsors will donate a dollar to Peter’s charity, the Peter Gammons Scholars - and you could win a trip to meet Peter at Fenway! Once you’ve entered, come back daily to check in. Whenever you do, those awesome sponsors will donate more cash to the cause, and we'll reward you with more entries. The more times you visit, the greater the reward.

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Official Rules / F.A.Q You can check in once a day and the campaign will end when the goal of $10,000 is reached or the contest period ends.
Our sponsors donate $1 for every entry. Your daily check ins will directly support the Peter Gammons Scholars through the Foundation To Be Named Later.
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No one knows the national pastime, or the Red Sox and Yankees, better than Peter Gammons. This Boston-born, three-time National Sports Writer of the Year spent more than two decades covering Major League Baseball for ESPN. This April 23rd he’s returning to Fenway Park to watch batting practice from the field, with one lucky winner and their guest by his side.
Will it be you?

Enter now for a chance to watch batting practice with Peter, discuss the latest baseball news and then bid him a fond farewell before you and your guest take your seats at Fenway and soak up every moment of an historic home game - an always-exciting Red Sox vs. Yankees clash during Derek Jeter’s final season.

Your prize will include round-trip flights to Boston, accommodations, two game tickets and an autographed souvenir. It’s totally free to enter, thanks to our sponsors, and you can earn extra chances to win by visiting and checking in daily for baseball wisdom, news and updates.


You Help

The Peter Gammons Scholarship Fund creates amazing opportunities for heroic high school students. Established and supported by the Foundation To Be Named Later, It awards four-year cash scholarships to teens who have overcome tremendous challenges like homelessness, violence, or life-threatening illness. In addition, all prospective Gammons Scholars must prove their academic abilities by gaining acceptance to highly respected
colleges and universities.

So far, the Peter Gammons Scholarship Fund has sent 34 high school students to college with a total of more than $200,000 in aid. Each award includes tuition plus a new laptop computer, ongoing guidance from an experienced mentor, and lots of enthusiastic support to make sure that all the bases are covered for success in college and beyond.


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